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Holistic Nutrition

optimal wellness is a sacred co-created recipe—
an intention you set with yourself and your highest source to identify your wellness goals, to learn practical tools, to combine resources and holistic ingredients to achieve real, lasting health, happiness and fulfillment—as within, so without.




I consider client education a vital and important part of our mission, service and partnership for your your optimal health. I will provide you with the most current information to your condition(s) and concern(s), written in language that you can understand. Most clients only need one nutritional consultation (depending on the level of concern, lifestyle and life cycle) which is included in the initial 1:1 consultation; food substitutions are offered when appropriate, and additional recipes are available through my Nutrition Consultation Service.


Dietary requests are what I do best. Specific to each consultation or program selected, new dietary recommendations are included. The types of nutritional recommendations I typically include and provide are:

  1. You may only want a list of commercial product recommendations. My recommendations will include a list of specific named product(s), sorted by the most important dietary features for your condition(s) or concern(s) and my reason(s) for suggesting those products. This list will be the best possible commercial products available based on your condition(s) and concern(s), therefore products in the list may not meet of all your personal (lifestyle) criteria or current understanding of nutrition and foods (i.e it may go against the trends you've heard of; this does not mean it's not healthy or the real path to health!)

  2. You may only want specifically formulated protocol or you are currently following a homemade diet and want to know if it is complete and balanced, and appropriate for the condition or concern you're facing. My recommendations will include food suggestions as well as specific and easily obtained nutritional supplement(s). I also provide information on the preparation and storage of the food, monitoring of the new protocol and any other relevant instructions. All complimentary diet recipes (for purchase separately) are guaranteed to be nutritionally complete and balanced according to current scientific information and my professional experience.

  3. You may want both types of recommendations, i.e., a list of commercial options and a homemade diet formulation.

You will have the opportunity in the consult request form to let me know which option you are seeking; should these not meet your need, a tailored request is also possible. 




In addition to being a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who's been advocating for a clean diet and lean lifestyle for over a decade, I'm also an eco-ethical vegan activist and minimalist with a serious love of animals of all sizes, species, shapes and scruffiness—I don't discriminate. That’s why I offer the services and products I do, that are cruelty-free for all us animals (human and non) and don’t do bad things to our planet.

My first commitment is to the health of my clients (those with 2 legs equally to those on all 4...) and I've certainly done my research. Though we can exist on an animal-based diet, we humans thrive on a nutritionally balanced, whole and fresh plant-based (vegan) diet.  More, we experience a heightened sense of personal empowerment and empathy, joy and fulfillment when we are living in gracious integrity—by our values of compassion and wellness for all beings—by observing the effects of our lifestyle and environmental choices. My second commitment is to minimize environmental degradation; a vegan human leaves a much smaller 'foot, hoof or paw print' on our planet with no less passionate an experience here—which makes a seriously compassionate impact for all of us.



If a quicker turnaround is needed, I will begin and complete the consultation within 48 hrs of receiving the intake forms, medical records and supporting information for an additional "stat" fee. Please be sure to 'check' the "Rush Consultation" box in the intake forms and send me the requested and necessary information ASAP.


Sometimes what's originally designed needs to be tweaked, and I endeavour to make reformulating easy. For a minimal additional charge, I'll reformulate another set of recommendations if you should later need a specific change in ingredients, foods or supplements that were not previously specified, or if you should develop another medical condition based on the initial recommendations and require your protocol updated to suit. 




As with the above considerations, if you have more than one (1) person in the same household, I'm happy to recalculate the formulated diet and daily intakes for that second person as long as the same protocol is appropriate. Of course, no two people are alike, and they may need an entirely separate consult (evaluated on a case-by-case basis for professionalism and effectiveness). Most of the time and especially with the well-being consultation protocol, I design one (1) set of protocol for one (1) person that tends to accommodate another / more than one (1) person in the household, but if there are specific medical and therapeutic conditions to which I am tailoring my recommendations, a separate consult for each individual and additional person is suggested. For a second (2nd) person in the same household, an investment is required to tailor existing protocol to both people. As noted, each consultation includes a basic diet plan. Recipes to compliment your personalized consultation recommendations can be added at anytime; see offerings below. 


My support is not to override the medical recommendations and protocol your doctor has made. Your primary healthcare physician is an indirect yet vital partner in your journey to wellbeing. I work as a specialty consultant in tandem with your medical team, complimenting any medical results, tests and information you provide to me, sent directly to you for review and implementation. You will able to use our holistic healthcare recommendations alongside those your doctor makes. You will be responsible for sharing my provided protocol, unless the scope of our consultation is otherwise directed to include direct partnership with your current healthcare team.

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