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Nutrition + Wellness

optimal wellness is a sacred co-created recipe—an intention you set with yourself and your highest source to identify your goals, to learn practical tools, to combine resources and holistic ingredients to achieve real, lasting health, happiness and fulfillment—
as within, so without.


eat like your life depends on it.
because it does.

Are you ready to get healthier, but need some help getting started, and support along the way?
That’s exactly what I’m here for. What I love about being a nutritional consultant is helping people really see that the key to health + longevity is in our own hands.

Some of the requests and reasons for seeking a personalized health, nutrition & wellness consultation are:

  • You may be sick and not eating the recommended diet well.

  • You may have more than one medical condition for which there is no single best commercial or homemade (easy) food solution.

  • You have been diagnosed with a medical condition by your physician and you wish to pursue a holistic means of wellness support in tandem with your medical recommendations.

  • You are healthy with no medical conditions; you wish to learn more about how you can enhance your personal wellness routine, vitality and longevity.

  • You feel your knowledge as to how to best care for yourself or your family is limited or outdated.

  • You feel inundated by all the socially recommended trends and popular information available and are unsure of what is best and healthiest beings in your care (yourself included).

  • You have recently adopted or are thinking of adopting a rescue animal(s) and wish to learn how to best care him/her (see Pet Nutrition offering at the bottom of the page).

  • Your wish to strategically learn more about plant-based diets and veganism, and/or how to successfully transition your current routine to a vegan lifestyle.

  • You are currently on a vegan diet, and experiencing some health concerns and you wish to learn how to rebalance your health and routine.


Holistic Nutrition Consultations

VEGAN & Natural Wellness offerings


pet Nutrition & Wellness consulting


As a Wellness Architect—a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), a Holistic Life Mentor (H.L.P.), a Professional Red Seal-Certified Chef + Baker—and an over decade-deep healthy, happy whole foods + gluten-free vegan (and rescue dog mom), I have experienced the pitfalls of a stressful lifestyle, the unconscious health choices with my pre-vegan days, the game-changing wellness of this compassionate lifestyle first-hand, and the in-kind impact it has on my pets' vitality, too. I have the unique background and real-world wisdom to help you make the jump and on your journey, without any sacrifice in taste or satisfaction.

Through a series of complimentary holistic and practical modalities, I work with people, their pets and businesses—individuals and collectives of all kinds across the world—who are interested in learning more about healthy, delicious whole plant-based food, allergy-conscious, and vegan practices—who either seek therapeutic relief or personal growth and understand that food is medicine and a healthy routine is a gateway to longevity, vitality and success (inside and out); who seek to learn about the impact of their dietary and lifestyle choices, and what we together can do to easily reach the wellness and health goals they have, providing real insights and tools to heal themselves, naturally and effectively. Whether your goals are set on improving your existing health circumstances and routine or addressing a pre-existing condition, I'm here to help.

Eating well is a radical social and political act.

Eating a balanced diet of fresh, whole plant foods is easier than we've been led to believe, and the most powerful step we can take to improve our health, lighten our impact on the environment, and reduce the suffering / improve the quality of life and living for animals (all of us), easily achievable in one fell swoop with the minimalist, sustainable and delcious techniques I live and guide by. Areas of specialty include:

  • Healing with whole foods and real ingredients

  • Debunking fad diets + trends, especially veganism!

  • Teaching you to love healthy cooking and eating

  • Making simple, small changes that have a greater impact

  • Helping you find the best plan that works for your body, your lifestyle and your overall wellbeing

  • Vegan education, lifestyle transition and coaching

  • Whole food and fitness consulting

  • Nutritional education workshop (private or public, by request)

  • Seasonal and medical detox and diet-specific programs (by request)

I work with clients who want to learn and be healthier, no matter their starting point or lifestyle circumstance. What we fuel our bodies with, how active we are on a daily basis, how we manage stress, and the effort we put into maintaining good mental + emotional wellbeing all go hand-in-hand in determining our long-term health. It’s no magic pill; it is good common sense, and it works.

I make recommendations and formulate nutritional support & protocol based on current principles of dietary management, food and lifestyle preferences. I offer choices based on the known current scientific literature, both conventional (medical) and those specific to health and wellness for plant-based vegan lifestyles, coupled with more than 10 years of professional experience as well as what is fundamentally in your best interest—offering a multitude of complimentary offerings to support these findings and recommendations (below).

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: My support is not to override the medical recommendations and protocol your primary care physician has made; I work as a specialty consultant in tandem with your medical team. My recommendations will compliment any medical results, tests and information you provide to me. You will able to use these holistic healthcare recommendations alongside those your primary healthcare physician makes.


“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” | Herophilus