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starting at $240.00  |  $935.00 per month

Vegan Lifestyle Education

Whether you'd like a deep dive into vegan nutrition or the vegan lifestyle, both my hands-on partial-self-study and fully supportive vegan programs give you access to my entire 10-year eco-ethical vegan toolkit, this program is Holistic Veganism 101. A sustainable, proactive and nurturing process that helps you build your own foundation within a larger (and gentle!) education of why vegan: why it works outside, how it works inside, why vegan heals, and why vegan is the ultimate service and rent we pay for living on this plant (mindfully!)

Using whatever your current lifestyle access point is (personal, business and career, executive—food, health, animals or environment) and we start off with the same tailored nutritional online Intake process as listed in the above consultations, and break it down through a localized 1:1 high-impact session similar to the Nutrients & Nutrition offering (below) or a series of ongoing self-study modules and holistic mentoring sessions (this program compliments a vegan mentorship program). It's all a matter of what you're ready for, and how far down the rabbit-hole you want to go. Your actions and learning are audited on a consistent basis with measurable increments to acknowledge progress and propel you forward; you've also got 'unlimited' email access to me for check-ins (or compassionate course-correcting). As an added resource, you can elect to choose recordings of all sessions (optional) to preserve in your own self-development toolkit.

1:1 session or from 6 weeks to 4, 8 or 12-month program lengths
rates based on weekly sessions | per month of program + level of engagement
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customized, curated + personalized packages available
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You wake up before your alarm goes off and jump out of bed ready for the day ahead. You wash your beautiful face and fix your lovely tresses; no beauty care products needed because you have a great complexion and soft, silky hair. You get changed into clothes that fit you just right and make your way down to the kitchen. Next you make a green smoothie and drink it on your way to work, while you sing along to your favourite song. Wait…pardon? That doesn’t sound quite like you?

Okay, what about this? Beep, beep, beep…you hit the snooze button for just another 5 minutes, until you finally get enough energy to drag yourself out of bed. You wash your oily face with soap, gargle away your awful morning breath and rub on some antiperspirant to mask your body odour. Then you slather some cover-up over your acne-prone skin and work some serum through your dry, brittle hair. Next, you change into your pants that almost fit; except for that last button that doesn’t quite seem to want to get over your bloated belly. You finally stagger down to the kitchen, grab yourself a cup of coffee and grudgingly head out the door. You grab another coffee as soon as you're near work or you can steal away for a break, and perhaps take time for a cigarette too. You're exhausted by mid-day, and barely have time to think about your health, simple routine changes and external pursuits that you long to fulfill outside of the daily papers you push. 

Is that more like you? If you answered yes, it's time to detox.


Detoxification is essentially the way your body rids itself of harmful toxins and unwanted waste products. It is a necessary and natural process, which helps to protect you from developing disease. The liver is your body’s primary detoxification organ; it neutralizes toxins and prepares them for elimination. Other systems that also play a role in detoxification include the intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymphatic system.

Detoxifying is about minimizing the amount of toxins that enter your body, while supporting your detox organs, so that you can achieve and maintain optimal health. Although your body naturally detoxifies itself, most often, due to system overload, it requires some help to do so! This is where cleanses and detox programs come in.

What is Detoxification?


Do I Need to Detox?

Daily activities, like showering, are ways to keep your body clean on the outside. However, cleansing from the inside out is even more important. It’s much easier to know when to brush your teeth than it is to know when your body is in need of a good detox. One key way to identify this is to listen to what your body is saying. Symptoms are your body’s way of telling you what is going on in the inside.

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, you may benefit from a detox:

  • Fatigue

  • Sluggish digestion

  • Allergies

  • Bloating

  • Dark under-eye circles

  • Skin issues

  • Indigestion

  • Poor concentration

  • Headaches

  • Bad breath


The answer to this is pretty simple: to feel like the best version of you! Whether it is due to poor food choices, environmental factors, or lifestyle habits, we are exposed to more toxins today than ever before. Toxins can be defined as anything that can potentially harm us. They include things like antibiotics, food additives, preservatives, household cleaners, drugs, tobacco, pollution, and pesticides. All of the chemicals that we come into contact with daily are absorbed into the body. In a healthy, well-nourished body, these toxins are efficiently neutralized and eliminated. However, for most of those individuals who consume poor, nutritionally-void diets, and whose bodies are already overloaded, the detoxification process is impaired. The toxins entering your system cannot be handled immediately, so as a protective mechanism your body deposits these toxins into fat cells. This is not a good thing. What we call “toxic overload” can contribute to nutrient deficiencies, digestive issues, impaired immune function, hormonal imbalance; and eventually lead to illness and disease.

Bottom line, by detoxifying you can experience increased energy, improved digestion and gut health, improved memory and concentration, weight loss, better looking skin/hair, and stronger immunity.

Why Should You Cleanse?


the upgraded master cleanse

organic juice cleanse

organic raw food cleanse

The cleaner your diet and lifestyle becomes, the less toxic build-up there will be. Undergoing a supervised detox / cleanse once or twice a year is ideal, most beneficial natural to do in the Spring and Fall (the natural rebuilding and breakdown times of the natural cycle). It is important to keep in mind that before beginning any type of detoxification program it would be wise to consult with your healthcare professional. However, you don’t need to wait to begin detoxifying regularly. In fact, you can select one day weekly as your cleanse day, and incorporate the tools and techniques from the cleanses themselves into your daily routine to keep your body clean and clear outside of any formal cleansing period.
My 7, 14 or 30-day Ugraded Master Cleanse is a self-study supporting you to adopt plenty of healthy habits that will help to promote your body’s natural detoxifying ability on a daily basis, and your inherent ability to achieve peace through natural well-being (i.e. pushing your 'master reset' button). By undertaking a guided Master Cleanse, or a whole juice or raw food cleanse (below), you'll address what you're consuming with all of your senses (not just your food!) and begin to curate your inner and outer consumption with care and mindfulness. An organic juice cleanse or organic raw food cleanse are particularly helpful or suited for those individuals who are new to cleansing, and/or prefer a gentler detox. Filled with deliciously and carefully crafted recipes that'll keep your body nourished to and through your return to wellness without or just after the deep detoxing of the Master Cleanse. 
All cleanses include my custom cleanse protocol as well daily holistic, mindful e-support and lifestyle tips to mindfully streamline your environment, clear your vision, empower your steps, and bring grace to your heart. Unlimited email support throughout to keep you consciously cleansing and connected.

starting at $60.00 per day
(pre-paid as a 7, 14 or 30 day package)
15% discount if paired with any Consultation
daily and monthly / ongoing meal + menu packages available



If you are happy with your current diet & lifestyle routine, but want to investigate the healing and preventive power of fresh, whole plant-based foods and a vegan diet, herbs and natural supplements, I offer a Holistic Consultation Service explicitly dealing with your needs.

As with either of the full consultations (above), you will need to fill in an Intake form and provide me with supporting documents as needed. I will make recommendations for using diet, herbs and supplements to target any specific non-life threatening ("therapeutic") health concerns, support body systems, bolster overall well being and enhance quality of life.

Rates starting at $125.00
for all life stages and experience; recipes are not included but may be purchased separately at the additional rate. Special rate offered toward Healthy & Homemade Recipe if purchased at the same time.


Those of us with nutritionally-related health issues or those introduced to new diet & lifestyle changes often require longer periods of testing and adjusting diets, after the initial consultation. Follow-up support is a service available to any client who has booked a full Therapeutic or Wellness Consultation (assessment, recipe, diet / supplements and lifestyle protocol) or the Holistic Consultation (assessment and supplementation only) wanting a check in, protocol adjustment, or changes to the recommendations made in the report. This enables us to work as a team to develop and fine-tune meal plans that suit your unique needs, and can monitor response to dietary & lifestyle changes and make adjustments as needed.

We chat about what's working, what isn't - addressing areas in which you need more support, building on our initial plan and protocol with actionable new recommendations to easily achieve your goals. Note that additional fees may apply to extremely labour-intensive cases, such as those that involve multiple conditions or require daily contact. If so, it will be discussed and agreed beforehand. Discounted packages are available for ongoing support.

starting at $125.00 per session
daily and monthly / ongoing support packages available

Follow-up support session



This Communication-based Consultation Service offers you the opportunity to pick my brains on anything at all related to nutrition, vegan wellness and holistic living via phone, email or online video chat service, for an equivalent period of 45 minutes*.

I do my best to answer questions, especially those that can be handled easily in a few lines. But often, more is needed: more time, more detail and more personal attention.  Some people want to know which commercial and convenience foods might be ideal for their health, or how to add fresh foods wisely, with maximum health benefit. Others are starting an herb garden and want to know which herbs to grow, have a new baby coming and need natural soothing tricks, how to stock a home apothecary or plant-based pantry, or which herbs & homeopathics can be used to help support optimal health. Many have home cooking questions, about temperature, storage, food safety and more.

The point of this service is to offer my clients my undivided attention for as many questions as I can answer in 45 minutes* of exchange. It allows me to focus and provide answers to a range of questions, and I can generally schedule this type of booking much more quickly than a Therapeutic consult (currently a ~3-5 weeks wait list).

starting at $75.00  |  45 minutes
special rate toward Healthy & Homemade Recipe if purchased at the same time


Looking to add vegan / plant-based options and other allergy-conscious recipes to your roster? Need help tweaking an existing recipe? Want to add an additional recipe or two to your wellness or holistic consultation service? Overhauling time-honoured family recipes or creating new, dangerously delicious, disruptive + game-changing plant-based household favourites is my specialty. This basic holistic recipe service is for a healthy person with no medical concerns or issues. You receive:

  • One wholesome plant-based recipe (serves 1-2 comfortably) using readily accessible ingredients and of course, foods you loves to eat.

  • Everything you need to get you started, with instructions for precise measurement, preparation, cooking, storage, complimentary menu items and transition information (if applicable).

  • If any, specific supplementation instructions (links to the brands and doses) as well as General Dietary Guidelines and fact sheets about foods included (if applicable).

Follow up is not included in this service; a phone consultation is offered at 10% off (if purchased at the same) for additional support. Additional recipes (individual, couple - large or small batch) may be added at a discount per recipe if purchased at the same time. Please note this offering does not include any tailoring of the diet to support personal or therapeutic concerns.  For Therapeutic recipes, see offering below.

starting at $70.00 per recipe  |  $50.00 per additional recipe
daily and monthly / ongoing meal + menu packages available


healthy & homemade Recipes


Therapeutic Recipes

This service is identical to the above offering except it is for a person with health issues and is complimentary to a Therapeutic Consultation*. You receive:

  • One wholesome plant-based recipe (serves 1-2 comfortably) using readily accessible ingredients and of course, foods you loves to eat.

  • Everything you need to get you started, with instructions for precise measurement, preparation, cooking, storage, complimentary menu items and transition information (if applicable).

  • If any, specific supplementation instructions (links to the brands and doses) as well as General Dietary Guidelines and fact sheets about foods included (if applicable).

One (1) 15-minute phone follow-up is included for additional support.
Additional recipes (individual, couple - large or small batch) may be added at a discount per recipe if purchased at the same time.
Please note this offering is for a person in need of therapeutic support, and includes tailoring to support personal and therapeutic concerns. A completed Intake form will be required.

starting at $125.00 per Therapeutic recipe 
$60.00 discount if paired with Therapeutic Consultation
daily and monthly / ongoing meal + menu packages available


Gather your tribe to deep-dive into your collective desire to create a holistic, compassionate, and cohesive cooperative. Perfect for in-home private groups wanting bespoke, hands-on health insight and larger corporate wellness workshops alike. Choose from a featured trend, requested topic, or an overall no limits Q & A session to uncover the real truths about our healthcare needs today. Dig deliberately into tribe dynamics for the ultimate team-supporting educational experience. Includes a group video call follow-up (15 minutes, optional).

starting at $1410.00 per 4-hour session varies based on group size & engagement
ongoing engagement packages available


wellness intensive


schedule of fees in USD, exclusive of taxes and fees | based on length of + level of engagement

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