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1:1 Therapeutic Consultation


WHAT is a therapeutic consultation?

This is therapeutic consultation is formulated to manage a range of health conditions. The consulting investment covers research, review of medical and supporting information, and tailored diet, supplementation, and lifestyle protocol to match your wellness goals and concerns. It also covers ALL questions you may have about my recommendations. Food substitutions are always offered if appropriate. Once you book, I will issue you the online Intake form, and confirm your date. My waiting list runs from 3 to 5 weeks, although I can usually make room quickly for urgent cases.

This is an online consultation for clients who are facing health challengesas well as entrepreneurs, executives, activists and those experiencing a high level of daily stress and needing enhanced support.


It begins with a thorough assessment through completing my detailed online Intake form, which covers medical, nutritional, personal and family history. I also have you fill out a separate food diary (10 days - 2 weeks) detailing your current dietary, supplementation and lifestyle behaviour, including food-mood and mindfulness journaling and send me any supporting documentation (medical notes, records, etc.) Once I receive all of your submitted documents and I've had a chance to review, we then schedule an initial consult (phone or virtual) and discuss your therapeutic needs, goals, and current lifestyle, your concerns in your own words; I'll then have you complete any related forms I feel are applicable resulting from our chat.

The next step is a process of research and calculation on my part; all requirements relative to your personal profile and optimal health requirements will be precisely covered. Finally, I develop the dietary, nutraceutical, herbal and homeopathic and lifestyle protocol with clear instructions and education to smoothly and successfully support your transition. We then schedule a report of findings consult (phone or virtual) to discuss my recommendations—what your body needs to harmonize and heal itself—as well as my personalized recommendations for you to bring yourself back into overall balance. 

With this consultation, you receive:

  • One (1) therapeutic plant-based plan (suggested foods and sample diet, along with supplementation and lifestyle protocol; does not include recipes), tailored to your therapeutic and wellness requirements, as determined by current scientific literature and geared to the specific needs of your condition(s). If you are able to tolerate a variety of foods, I endeavour to provide variations in the initial plan; this is usually possible but may not work for food intolerance and allergy, at least not in the early stages of dietary support.

  • A full, personalized protocol to support your general wellbeing and address health challenges as indicated.

  • General Dietary Guidelines containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and pointers on everything from cooking techniques, substitutions, individual foods and their nutrient profiles, managing the dietary transition, converting commonly used measurements, food storage and safety and much more.

  • Note: adhering to whole, fresh + plant-based nutrition standards, I use raw, cooked or a combination of food preparation methods, taking into consideration your preferences and lifestyle flexibility, also as determined on a case-by-case basis, whichever is most optimal for your health.

  • Optional follow-up offering: 2—monthly appointments (30 minutes; phone or virtual), including a food journal review and mindset exercises. You will submit a progress report and food journal twice a month to keep you accountable and allow me to tweak your nutrition and lifestyle plan to ensure it’s continually aligned with your goals

I generally complete recommendations well within 10 business days (2 weeks) of receiving all completed documentation, the holistic intake forms, photos, medical and supporting information from you. You can check with me at any time by email to see if I have received the completed package after you have filled them out and sent along the supporting information. I cannot ask your physician for your medical records, so please provide all relevant documents (photos, test results, medication lists, etc.) that pertain to your health and reasons for wanting a consultation, anything that helps to paint a full picture of your' current health status including current routine (including your home and any specific lifestyle details).

starting at $310.00  |  follow-up $60.00


The per-person investment for an initial Therapeutic Consultation includes an initial phone or video call (30 minutes), assessment, recommendations + report of findings call (45 minutes) and email support throughout. Post-consultation follow-up support is available; should you wish to coordinate our support, I'm happy to directly consult with your physician after my assessment is complete for an additional cost.

15% discount for multiple wellness offerings including follow-up sessions and services for multiple persons in the same household, as well as activists and entrepreneurs in compassionate service (must be purchased at the same time).

Recipes to compliment your personalized consultation recommendations can be added at anytime. Please note there is an additional charge to reformulate another diet if you should later request a specific change in ingredients, foods or supplements that were not previously specified or if you should develop another medical condition based on the initial recommendations.

1:1 session or from 6 weeks to 4, 8 or 12-month program lengths
rates based on weekly sessions | per month of program + level of engagement
please contact for bi-monthly & monthly session packages
customized, curated + personalized packages available
schedule of fees in USD, exclusive of taxes and fees




Select "Book Service" at any time to contact me with questions and when you are ready to initiate a consultation. 

  • New clients: If this is your first time consulting with me, please click above with your selection. In your booking request, please confirm any/all additional investment needs (additional persons, recipes, cleanses, etc.) and provide your contact information to receive and fill out a new online intake form. You will be additionally responsible to submit supporting documents detailing your health, personal information and medical records.

  • Returning clients: If you have been a client before, please click above to request the returning client intake forms.

  • Physicians: Please click above and make sure to request the consultation process for health care professionals.


schedule of fees in USD, exclusive of taxes and fees | based on length of + level of engagement

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