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Red Seal Chef (1999, c. 2007)
Baker + Patissier (c. 2004)
Culinary Nutrition (c. 2005)
Substitution + Allergy-Conscious Food Preparation (c. 1999)
Whole Plant-Based Raw Food Preparation (c. 2003)
Culinary Management (c. 2006)
Vegan Dairy | Molecular Gastronomy (c. 2007)

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN c. 2009)
Plant-Based Nutrition (c. 2007)
Spiritual Nutrition + Natural Wellness (c. 2008)
Herbalism + Homeopathy (c. 2010)
Companion Animal Wellness (c. 2012)

Vegan Life Coach + Educator (VLCE c. 2013)
Vegan Nutrition (c. 2007; 2013)
Vegan Lifestyle Mentor

Holistic Life Coach (HLC c. 2009)
Spiritual Mentoring
Leadership Mentoring
Empowerment Mentoring
Trauma + Recovery Coaching
Mastermind Coaching
Business Mentorship

Energy Bodywork Practitioner (HHP c. 2003)
Reiki Practitioner (c. 2004, 2005, 2007)

Personal Training Specialist (PTS c. 2007)

RedRadio Podcast (c. 2013)

TEDx (c. 2017)
Guest Speaker (c. 2017)

T.O.F.U. Magazine (c. 2017-present)

Innovating for a more compassionate planet + Palate Since 1999

Empowering people to actively reconnect with themselves and their body to the world around them, to make informed personal, food & lifestyle choices, and to live by their intrinsic values of love, truth, right action, peace & non-violence—I am a "Professional Vegan", positively & passionately motivating the masses by challenging beliefs and reigniting hearts through my personal brand & style of coaching, business consulting, private workshops & public speaking.

I am an advocate & mentor for compassionate world-change makers; the culinary activist & chef behind
Pleasantville—and the head witch behind daughter of alchemy.

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When it comes to transforming lives—I have well over 18 years of hands-on trailblazing experience, education and fire-starting methods & tools to inspire and affect / effect lasting change. I am a Red Seal Allergy-Conscious, Organic & Whole Food Chef; a Restorative Nutritionist (RHN); a Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator (VLCE); an Eco-Ethical Business Consultant + Food Innovator; a Life Strategist + Empowerment Mentor; a Spiritual Warrior and Full-Time Animal (Human & Non) Hero, say the very least.


To remind you who you are, what you were brought here to do. To drill into you that you matter, and why you are so desperately needed. To unplug you a bit from your head, to reconnect you to your heart, to your  purpose. To empower you to consciously live your passions out loud + unapologetically proud—to effect local + global positive, compassionate change for us all.

Your hand in mine, let's do this.

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Entrepreneur, Founder + CEO
Sweet Revenge (1999 - 2007)
Pleasantville (c. 2007)
Good x Wolf (c. 2009)
Daughter of Alchemy (2017)

Bachelor of Arts, Hons. (c.2003)
English : Creative Writing
Music : Practical + Performance

Culinary Institute of America (c.2003)
California Culinary Academy (c.2004)
George Brown College (c.2007)

The Landmark Forum (c. 2005)

Certified Professional Trainers Network (c. 2007)

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (c. 2009)

Transformational Arts College (c.2010)

Main Street Vegan Academy (c. 2013)

Marie Forleo International : B-School (c. 2013)

Business Inc. (c. 2014)

SEEDS Leadership (c. 2017)

Executive + Personal Mentorship

Chef + Culinary Services

Holistic Nutrition + Natural Wellness

Practical Spirituality

Public Speaking + Co-Host

Writing + Publications

Events + Workshops

Support The Community

What you do matters. You have to be brave with your life so that others can be brave with theirs.