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Doers + Disruptors




A soulful + practical solution to creating success on your own terms, allowing us to delve thoroughly into the work - the Disruptor commitment structure is consistent, ongoing 'whatever it takes / no-holds-barred' guidance from goal setting to achievement on whatever you bring to the table and the pace you select - an intermittent anchoring, tethered self-study or hands-on support. This option gives a unique, blended experience. Before diving into the heart of the work, we’ll agree on areas of focus; numerous goals are possible depending on length of program selected. To begin, I’ll send you a questionnaire to hone our focus areas. Over the course of our one-hour (1+) sessions, we’ll co-create action steps. You’ll walk away from each session with clear inspiration and renewed motivation. 

All of the points listed in both the Dreamer and Discover (Game-Changer Intensive) sessions are included. To ensure you're on track, your actions are audited on a consistent basis with measurable increments to acknowledge progress and propel you forward; you've also got 'unlimited' email access to me for check-ins (or course-correcting) as well as my entire holistic back of tricks and toolkit. As an added resource, you can elect to choose recordings of all sessions (optional) to preserve in your own self-development resource collection. Brief descriptions for each subset are as listed above.



starting at $1410.00 per month

Ideal for established entrepreneurs, professionals + athletes, all those requiring a high-level of drive, determination and on-going strategy reformation for acute goal-acquisition.



starting at $935.00 per month

Have a movement you'd like to motivate, a cause you want to effectively contribute to, a social enterprise you want to implement to disrupt the conventional market? Whether it's carving a path for an external crusade or learning how to live a compassionate life from the inside-out, let's do this.


starting at $935.00 per month

You name it, we get it (or get over it); relationships, life circumstances, empath support, habit breaking / setting, practical spirituality + quantum physics, dream building, points of transition: this is about disrupting current routines and laying new groundwork.



starting at $1095.00 per month

For new business-builders, career-transition game-changers, and those seeking focused, methodical, and moderated milestone attainment


Not ready for a full-metal engagement just yet?
Test the waters (your courage & commitment, too) with a breakthrough session first.



4, 8 or 12-month commitment lengths | weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions structure | investment per month
customized, curated + personalized retained engagement packages available |
schedule of fees in USD, exclusive of applicable taxes & fees
partial scholarships merited for select individuals in animal rescue + non-profit work


Want to learn more before booking?

Let’s connect for a free 15-minute exploratory session.
I’ll answer any questions you have, address your concernsdiscuss which options might work best for you and to see if working together is a good fit.

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