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A Dreamer session is a 1:1 laser-focused exploration meeting to uncover your passion, purpose, vision or goal and discuss your current challenges + opportunities - basically lighting a fire under you, to get you expanding into your desire. These solitary meetings are great as an acute brainstorming session, a head + heart check or as an as-needed option without the context or commitment of a program. During your session, we’ll dive straight into the core energies at work. Prior to your session, you'll receive a series of questions via email, allowing us to make the most of our time together. You’ll walk away with 3-5 useful insights and ‘homework’ to deepen your growth. Included is one (1) email follow-up to ensure you're on track and answer any additional questions you may have.



rates based on one (1) single session | fees in USD, exclusive of applicable fees & taxes
partial scholarships merited for select individuals in animal rescue + non-profit work



starting at $355.00 per session

Ideal for established entrepreneurs, professionals + athletes, all those requiring a high-level of drive, determination and on-going strategy
reformation for acute goal-acquisition.



starting at $240.00 per session

Have a movement you'd like to motivate, a cause you want to effectively contribute to, a social enterprise you want to implement to disrupt the conventional market? Whether it's carving a path for an external crusade or learning how to live a compassionate life from the inside-out, let's do this.


starting at $240.00 per session

You name it, we get it (or get over it); relationships, life circumstances, empath support, habit breaking / setting, practical spirituality + quantum physics, dream building, points of transition: this is about disrupting current routines and laying new groundwork.



starting at $275.00 per session

For new business-builders, career-transition game-changers, and those seeking focused, methodical, and moderated milestone attainment


Not afraid of a little commitment?
Click above to jump into a 3, 6 or 12-month game-changing structure.







starting at $1410.00 per 4-hour session and varies based on group size & engagement

Gather your tribe to deep-dive into your collective passion or goal to create a series of white boards to wrangle your endeavour and preserve its acquisition. Perfect for corporate team building, brainstorming or small business task achievement with laser-focus on your current challenges + opportunities. Dig deliberately into tribe dynamics for the ultimate team-building experience and finish-line assurance. We'll formulate a strategic goal-achievement road map to move your team beyond our session with success. Includes a group online video session (15 minute) follow-up.



Have a large-scale wellness objective to achieve or compassionate changes needing to be made in your company? Looking to incorporate an enhanced level of ethical sustainability into your existing model? For start-ups, small businesses, and self-made entrepreneurs wishing to set to an integrated tone from the jump, or established large corporations and companies seeking to holistically revamp their operations for total community health, happiness, interconnected productivity and wellness, this is for you.


starting at $125.00 per hour : $990 per day (8 hours) : $495 per 1/2 day (4 hours)
rates vary based on size of business : retained engagement packages available


customized, curated + personalized retained ongoing commitments available | fees in USD, exclusive of applicable fees & taxes
partial scholarships merited for select individuals in animal rescue + non-profit work

Want to learn more before booking?

Let’s connect for a free 15-minute exploratory session.
I’ll answer any questions you have, address your concernsdiscuss which options might work best for you and to see if working together is a good fit.

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