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Holistic Mentoring

holistic Mentorship is a partnership agreement—
an energetic exchange of the highest value for the purpose of aligning you and your dream—
of facilitating you to stay accountable to the values you hold and strategic goals you set, focused as you carve your path to greatness.


Be supported. Get unstuck.

When you are experiencing transformation, having an external support system can be an incredible boon. As a mentor, I am here to embolden you through whatever your current experience brings. We connect face to face using F2F Broadcasting, allowing for an enhanced, connected, and meaningful experience. I’ll provide you with the unique blend of compassion, insight, and tough love you need to create your path forward.

The possibilities are truly endless. Our journey begins by selecting an offering from two major mentoring archetypes - Dreamer or Disruptor. With that road map in mind, you then choose one of the four subset methods of travel: executive, personal, activist, or business. With both the offering and method selected, we custom-create a tailored map for our journey together using strategic navigational tools, like but not limited to:

  • Unleashing your creativity and getting unstuck
  • Expanding your existing business, plan, cause, or project
  • Developing your spiritual practice
  • Heart-centred approaches to various entrepreneurial avenues (marketing, branding etc.)
  • Exploring your sense of purpose and meaning
  • Going deeper into your area of study for conscious learning
  • Dreaming and planning your future business or personal path
  • Bringing authenticity and magic to your offerings
  • Discovering how your selected career, love and life goal ties into your personal growth


Dream & Discover

Doers + Disruptors


You set the goal.
I keep you on track—guiding you forward to bring your best self to the game, your desires to life—with clear eyes, a full heart, tangible success and staying power.

Want to learn more before booking?

Let’s connect for a free 15-minute exploratory session.
I’ll answer any questions you have, address your concernsdiscuss which options might work best for you and to see if working together is a good fit.

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